New in 3.5.2

New in 3.5.1

New in 3.5

New in 3.4

Note: If you are having problems with images not showing properly on older Macs in this version, set the visual quality to a lower setting in View -> Scaling Quality!

New in 3.3

New in 3.2

New in 3.1.1

New in 3.1

New in 3.0.6

New in 3.0.5

New in 3.0.4

New in 3.0.3

New in 3.0.2

New in 3.0.1

New in 3.0

A few things have been removed from 3.0 that were present in earlier versions. If you absolutely need any of these, please use version 2.2 instead.

Changes in older versions

Due to the 3.0 rewrite, these are no longer relevant, but they remain here for archival purposes.

New in 2.2

New in 2.1.1

New in 2.1

New in 2.0